National Skills Development Plan

Proposal for the national skills development plan

The National Skills Development Plan 2030 (NSDP)

The National Skills Development Plan 2030 (NSDP) has been developed to respond to the
policy goals of the White Paper on PostSchool Education and Training ( “White Paper “) to
improve both the integration of the post -school education and training system ( “PSET “), and
the interface between PSET institutions and the world of work. This is done in the context
of the objectives of the Skills Development Act (SDA).

The NSDP is grounded in the overarching policy objectives of the White Paper which are:
a PSET system that can assist in building a fair, equitable, non -racial, non -sexist and
democratic South Africa;skills development plan
a single, coordinated PSET system;
expanded access, improved quality and increased diversity of provision;
a stronger and more cooperative relationship between education and training
institutions and the workplace; and
a PSET system that is responsive to the needs of individual citizens, employers in
both public and private sectors, as well as broader societal and developmental

PSET outlining a clearer mandate and role of SETAs

The NSDP addresses problems and opportunities in the skills landscape that were identified
in a number of processes, ultimately being summarised and addressed in the White Paper…
They include the need to integrate the organisations in the skills landscape with PSET
institutions including Universities and Colleges; the need to outline a clearer mandate and
role for SETAs for the longer -term; the need for better aligned funding, planning and
monitoring mechanisms; and the reduction of multiple accountabilities.
A range of challenges relating to the SETAs need to be addressed, including: the lack of
achievement of targets; governance challenges; complicated, expensive and wasteful
administrative systems; complicated application processes for the public; and uneven
capacity across the SETAs.

In a context of scarce resources for PSET and skills development, and a need for improved
public accountability of the SETAs, it is necessary to re- examine systems and structures to
ensure that we are making the best use of resources.
The NDSP also acknowledges, however, that there are many positive aspects of the
landscape that can be built upon. The skills levy is an important resource to support the
meaningful growth of skills development and the integration goals promoted by the White
Paper provide an opportunity to align funding, planning and strategy to grow, develop and
improve the quality of PSET institutions and delivery, for more information.

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